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Home Staging NYC
What is Home Staging and Why Should I Hire Tracy Steele Designs?

Home staging is not decorating and we know the difference!  It is a marketing strategy used by home sellers and real estate professionals to ensure that their property is sold for the highest rate of return and in the least amount of time. 

By properly merchandising the home, we are able to show off its best features and downplay any flaws.  Most importantly, we are trained to see the space through the buyer's eyes and understand what it takes to make them fall in love!

An Unstaged home is guaranteed to help sell those that are!

In today's competitive real estate market, sellers need to do everything they can to make sure their property stands out in the crowd.

Staging is one of the best ways to get buyer's attention and connect with them in a way that makes them say "I have to have it"! 

The First Impression is the Lasting Impression!

It only takes 10 seconds to make an impression. Your buyers may not remember everything they saw but they will always remember how your place made them feel.

We use techniques involving color, furniture placement, lighting, and lifestyle appeal to create better photos, more foot traffic, and that emotional attachment that stays with buyers.

You Need Great Photos!
You Need Great Photos!

Today's buyers are internet savvy. Most have looked through hundreds of listings before ever contacting an agent. As with any other online shopping, great photos capture their attention. A beautifully staged home will ensure that they click and save your listing. For vacant properties, staging is essential for the buyer to understand what

the rooms are used for, how the furniture will fit, and to remember how many bedrooms the property has. I use my experience as a movie set dresser to ensure that the photographer has great compositions with eye-catching details.  Setting to the camera is different than showcasing for an open house. We'll make sure you get them both right! 

Buyers Can't Visualize!

Storage for a huge shoe collection? Dining table for twelve?  Play space for the new baby?  Home office AND a drum kit? Don't leave buyer's second guessing if your home is right for them.  This is a big investment and they don't want to take that risk. They will buy what they know works.  

We will help you do that. We work with your agent to target just the right buyer for your building, neighborhood, and your home. We stage it so no one's wondering "will it fit?", "where do we put it?" or worse!  "what's this room for?"!

It's Not Just About the Clutter

We look at the home objectively, through the buyer's eyes.  We see what the real flaws are and where the true strengths can set your home apart. We'll discuss with your broker where you will find tangible value in renovations and repairs.  We can provide simple fixes and budget conscientious solutions.  Our team can assist in not only de-cluttering but also organizing you for your move.  

We work with cleaners, home organizers, tradesmen, painters, movers, packers and storage facilities as needed to get you on your way.  We can advise on what to take to the new place and because Tracy Steele Designs is full-service interior design firm, we can also help you settle into your new home by arranging what you have, providing furniture plans, storage solutions, decorating, styling and accessorizing, and full renovations.

We Don't Want You Leaving Money on the Table!

Purchasing a home is your smartest investment. Now that the time has come to sell it,  you want to show it at its best to make sure you get the highest profit possible. Your decorated and lived-in home may be beautiful to you, but if buyers can't see themselves in it,  they may feel like they are settling and won't want to spend that top dollar. Vacant homes seem soulless and 90% of buyers won't  be able to see its full potential. And if your property is an Estate, this is the time to nurture that investment. When you sell as is, you may be forfeiting a college tuition for your children, funding for a new business adventure or maybe even your own retirement.

An average of 1% of the value of the home spent on staging brought an average of  1000% return on investment!

The investment spent on staging is always less than the first price reduction!

Not to mention those monthly carrying costs!

When your home sells quickly you'll be saving money that you would otherwise be spending on Mortgage, Utilities, Taxes, Home Owners/ Maintenance fees, lawn care, housekeeping, etc. etc.

But any investment is a poor investment when it's not done right. A professional home stager has the resources, time and expertise to make sure that your overall goals are achieved and to maximize results even with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines.

Any home will sell eventually.  Home staging minimizes the time
it stays on the market and increases the final price it sells for.

Tracy Steele Designs is fully insured, a RESA-PRO,  and a Certified Staging Professional

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