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Interior Design Services



This is your time to conquer any design challenges that you may have!  We can choose paint samples, create a new furniture plan, tackle imposing organization problems, decide on window treatments or create a gallery wall.   This is a great way for DIYers to get started or inspired or for help understanding why your space isn't working and what to do about it.


$350/first 2 hours     $185 each hour afterward







From GUT RENOS and  WALL TEARDOWNS to a single ROOM DESIGN I work with architects, contractors, and tradesman from start to finish to create your beautiful new space.


This is a Full Project Management service including:


  • budgeting

  • ordering, tracking, scheduling and quality management

  • floor and furniture plans

  • kitchen and bath design

  • style concepts design

  • color palette selection

  • furniture design and selection

  • custom built-in and cabinet design

  • window treatments

  • flooring design and selection 

  • storage solutions

  • installation 

  • styling of accessories


How we work:


It starts with a complimentary meet and greet to discuss what you are looking for, challenges, design needs, inspiration, and the walkthrough of the space.


We'll determine the scope of the project and the terms of payment.  Depending on the project this may be a flat fee or hourly rate.


Initial design:  Typically I will present three plans for floor/ furniture arrangements, color palettes, and style concepts. Once we have an overall plan, the work begins.


Execution: At this point, necessary tradespeople are hired, designs are finalized, furnishings, flooring, lighting, fixtures, textiles, and window treatments are sourced and purchased.


Installation: This is when it all comes together!


Styling:  The final WOW! moment when the cushions are fluffed and the accessories arranged.






Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff?   Spending too much time looking for things or spending money to only find out you've already got one? Stressed out by clutter?  I can design spaces and storage solutions to give your things a proper home, help you organize, and get back in control!


  • entryways

  • closets

  • small spaces

  • kid's rooms and play areas

  • desks and home offices

  • bathrooms

  • kitchen and pantry organization and storage


How we work:

We'll start with a two hour consultation to determine where the challenges lie, what solutions you're looking for and how we'll fix them.  


$350 consultation

$185 for design work 

$80 for installation and organizing (4 hr min)






When you just need some help pulling it together.


The redesign is a simple way of creating a new space! By rethinking a room's purpose, its function and its style, we can use what you already own along with a few new pieces or accessories to create a fresh and inspiring new home.


How we work:

We'll start with a 2hr consultation which

may involve jumping right in and moving things around. Followed by personal shopping or shopping recommendations and a return visit for a full styling.


starting at $350    $185/hour



two hour
project manage
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