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Staging provides a huge edge over the competition in all real estate markets and today it is almost always considered a necessity.

By having a professional stager on your team, you can avoid the awkward conversations about their home that you feel may offend the client and jeopardize your relationship.


Your time is better spent developing relationships with buyers and sellers. Let us shop for accessories and manage the project.


We can provide fresh eyes and an expert opinion to give your seller the confidence they need to invest in staging.


We can also provide a trusted network of professional tradespeople to help with

the process of showing a property in its best condition and have access to inventory that is appropriate and best suited for each property and target buyer.


Many brokers feel they can stage properties themselves, but without the proper training they may be wasting their time, their own money and leaving money on the table that they could have made from a higher commission.


Let us work with you to accomplish your goals of bringing in the highest possible selling price in the shortest amount of time.

Brokers, Agents and Real Estate Professionals

Special Services

Complimentary two hour comprehensive consultation for real estate professionals new to our service.



Bring a professional interior designer along on a walk-through with your buyers to help them visualize themselves in their new home. We can discuss furniture placement, how to re-configure walls and spaces, re-image a kitchen design, discuss storage, room usage and any other challenges that a property might pose.

-$75 /property


Rendered furniture plans to help your buyers visualize themselves in their new home.

-Price determined by property size

Gift Certificates

Offer your clients a gift certificate for our 2-hour comprehensive staging consultation 


- discounts for Real Estate Professionals and a great perk to offer your clients!

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