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Interior Design Solutions for a Happier, Healthier, Home



We work with clients by listening to their concerns and desires, analyzing problems and working with them to create amazing design solutions. Your space should work for you - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We create spaces that calm or energize, promote productivity and creativity, keep you organized, feeling healthy, not overwhelmed, and that make you happy!


Life is a journey and your space should grow with you.  We will help you through the emotions of letting go when there is a loss and help you find your new identity when you are suddenly single again. We will help you make space for friends and family,  de-clutter your stuff to clear your mind when you are overwhelmed, combine a household with a new marriage or union,  re-purpose a room for a new baby or a home office, or help you pack it up, move on, make room for a new owner and then help you start all over from the beginning!


Even small spaces and small budgets have room for spectacular results.

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