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It all starts with the Consultation


We offer a complete analysis of the home and provide a detailed report of everything that needs to be done to get it in show-ready condition.  


This will include a walk-through of the home with buyer's eyes.


Assessment of existing furnishings and decor.


Evaluations of furniture placement for proper usage in each room, traffic flow, focal points and balance.

We'll address the home's condition, repairs that are needed, paint/paint color,  lighting, flooring, window treatments​ as well as overall clutter, collections, personal possessions, smells, pets and anything that may appear to be a flaw.


We will discuss how to emphasize positive attributes and focal points.


We will also provide an estimate for our services to help you through the process.  Prices will vary depending on the amount of work and size of the property but we will work with you to develop a plan that works for your budget.







Project Management


We will work with our team of cleaners, movers, repair, and tradesmen to carry out any necessary work.  


DIY Plan:


We can also provide a plan and resources for you to do the work yourself.


Estate Staging:

With the best interests of the estate in mind, our goal is to maximize the asset value of the home.


We understand that this can be a difficult time for our clients and are sensitive to their needs. We help you work through the grief to organize possessions, donate, ship to family members and determine what to keep in the home for staging.  We fully manage the project through to a beautiful final showcasing.



Moving Services for:


Executives    Seniors    Family Upgrades  and   Busy Individuals 


We can help you move out of one space and into your fully designed home with no worries!


Our team will pack, ship, store, deliver, unpack, and place everything into your new home so that you will feel like you never left - all with a designer's eye.


- Consultation to evaluate moving needs, determine what to bring to the next home and what should be left behind, and create a road map for the new home or office.


-Floor plans so that you will know where everything will go before you get there


-Packing and Moving- Our professional team will take great care in packing, storing, and moving your possessions.


-Unpacking , Placement, Organization,  and Installation- Let us arrange and accessorize the closets, kitchen cabinets, the bookcases and the furniture so that you can have the home you always knew you could. Move into a home with the pantry stocked and the beds made so that your life can go on without the stress and hassle of being uprooted.


We facilitate moves within the Tri-State area, as well as, to and from the Washington DC metro area in conjunction with our partners Beyond the Box.  


Learn more here: Beyond the Box.




































Once the property is in good condition, we will come back with rental furniture and accessories to showcase the home for amazing photos and awe inspiring walk throughs. 
















Have you seen some pretty inspiring before and after pictures but you're not inclined to spend a lot of money on interior design?  Have a room that's not quite "working"? Wondering how you can you can be more productive in your space or what to do with all the clutter?


We can get a lot done in a 2 hour consultation!  furniture arranging, color selections, decorating tips, storage ideas and more. From there I can shop for missing pieces, decor and accessories and return for a full showcasing of your home.


$350 consultation   $175/hr


Styling for Photography

Even a beauty queen has her hair styled!  When your home looks great but may need a few special touches, we will bring in just the right odds and ends, accessories and flowers to create great photos. You may choose to rent them for the day of the photo shoot or for a longer rental period.

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